ROOSTER is a lifestyle brand founded on our love for all things outdoors. Whether it's bass fishing on the lakes in Minnesota, wake boarding in Tennessee, or shredding the mountains of Montana, we LOVE adventure!

To us, the ROOSTER emblem represents the fluidity of motion. Shooting off the back of a bass boat at 60 miles an hour, shredding the whoop section on your dirt bike, going big air on a wake board, or just enjoying the day relaxing in your favorite outdoor spot. Our hope is that when you see the ROOSTER emblem it connects you to your special place. The names of our products represent the incredible places we've been and hope to visit. 

Each ROOSTER emblem has its own story and we hope our apparel connects you to that experience. Talk to the person wearing it, see their face light up, share a moment, and live the ROOSTER lifestyle. At the end of the day, the ROOSTER logo is a reminder of the memories you make with family and friends. Enjoy everything mother nature has to offer.

Cheers from ROOSTER!

Ryan, Mike, & Chris